The Myth of Good Babies…

I loved this article and couldn’t agree more, our children need us to advocate for them and to respond to their cues. Things have changed a lot from the days our parents grew up but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to raise well balanced children by being responsive parents.

I’m glad I never read Baby books on what babies should be doing, trust your instincts use guidelines because every baby is unique… 

The Myth of Good Babies 

Bloom Fresco High Chair Recommendation

Bloom Fresco is another brand I come to love. They have so many stylish products for baby and your home. 

The bloom Fresco high chair is another great piece of furniture. 

Bloom Fresco Black Chrome Baby High Chair with yellow seat also has many various colour frames and seat inserts. It is also known as the world’s highest baby chair. It has a 3-position recline system, and easy up/down height adjustment to allow baby to join the family at the dining table or the modern breakfast bar; starting from birth, all the way to school age. 

In cradle mode your newborn is up and away from the ground, safe from pets & household dust; which means parents and baby are able to experience the all important eye-to-eye contact, so critical in the first months. Again another socially interactive baby furniture which I am all for. 


• 3 recline positions; fully lie-flat newborn cradle, semi recline & upright seat, easily activated using a light touch pull handle

• 360-degree swivel

• 5 point safety harness with padded shoulder straps & bloom smart buckle

• pneumatic up/down height adjustment allowing for tray heights up to 91cm/36in

• removable harness straps allow conversion to a play seat for kids up to 36kg/79lbs

• super-sized, scratch resistant & anti-slip adjustable feeding tray & second smaller play tray

• fresco chrome allows for both up-to-the table & traditional tray high chair positions

• removable click-in/click-out aluminum safety bar designed for use in all 3 recline positions

• removable sculpted booster seat for use with smaller infants

• removable aluminum footrest with 3 adjustable height positions

• easy to wipe clean nook and cranny free seat unit

• large, scratch free wheels concealed in base for easy movement

What’s not to love about this amazing high chair. 
Bloom Fresco High Chair Video

Slow down… 

I listened to this song again tonight, it’s the second time I’ve heard it and it brought me to tears listening to the words, my little baby girl is growing up into a beautiful little girl. She’s only 9 months old today but I could relate to every word in this mothers song. I already feel this way when I watch our little girl. Our children are so precious, so love them and cherish them for each day is a blessing that we get to keep them in our lives. Because soon they will be all grown up. The days are long but the years go by too quick.

What a beautiful 1st Birthday gift

I saw this video before we had our daughter and it’s come up again and think this is probably one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to our little ones. Something they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Instead of toys which you probably already have plenty of. Why not get your loved ones and friends to write a letter or email and include a photo of themselves with it to give your little one on their first birthday.

Then save them all in a special box to be opened on their 18th birthday along with the password to an email account where family have sent emails over the years on special occasions or milestones. I couldn’t think of anything more special.