Boori Eton Convertable Cot/bed plus Recommendation

I love Boori, which are another stylish, modern and sturdy design that grows with baby from birth to 5 years (Cot to toddler bed) and beyond. My reason for chosing Boori’s Eton cotbed as I’ve mentioned in previous recommendations, is quality and value for money. Why spend hundreds on a cot, then a toddler bed and eventually a normal size bed. I wanted something stylish, solid and something that would grow with baby and last throughout childhood. 

We needed a cot that had 2 base heights that we could drop down as baby learnt to stand or pull themselves up. The fact that it has removable feet to allow the cot to be lowered further if required was an added bonus. 

It includes a toddler rail for transition from cot into a toddler bed with the same solid, sturdy rail guard to prevent your little one from rolling out the bed at night. Unlike some of these flimsy guards I’ve seen. 

Which changes again into a normal size double bed, which looks just amazing as the cot itself.  The best part about the Boori Eton Cot/bed is that it transforms into a beautiful bench you can keep in babies room to sit on and read stories, all snuggled up together and can make your room look nice and cosy. A book nook is what I have planned for our little girls room.