Helping little ones with big emotions

How many of us have had issues or trouble dealing with emotions? Jealousy, sadness, anger and happiness are all emotions. We’ve all been through these emotions at some stage in our life. How we choose to deal with these emotions is what makes us stronger, wiser and grow as a person. 

How quick are you to react to a situation, only to take a moment to reflect and realise that maybe we could have dealt with the situation a little differently. Would it have changed the outcome? 

Now think about your little one, who has no life experience and only beginning to learn about the world they live in and how to cope with all these new feelings and emotions, which are new to them. They need and rely on us to show them and help them to cope with and deal with all these new emotions. 

It really is thought provoking for me as a mother to read some of these articles and to see things from a different prospective and it can also be daunting in the same breathe to think you really do need to be the best you can be if you’re going to help your little one blossom and grow into a well balanced young individual. To know that they can come to you and trust you to help them when they need you most. To think before you act or speak because words can’t be taken back once they’ve been spoken. They can only be forgiven. 

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