A healthy lifestyle means a healthy balanced childĀ 

What a great article on creating the right balanced lifestyle for your child/children. I couldn’t agree more on all the points made in this article by the therapist who wrote it. 

This is exactly what I am like and will continue to be like with our little girl. I believe that that we should be present in the moment with our little ones, phones are used when baby is sleeping and tv time is limited to an hour a day if the weather is miserable. 

I’m currently enjoying the amazing weather we are having and spend every moment outdoors from the time our little girl wakes up. Play in the shade. Sing songs, have a dance with them. Read a book. Take a swim. Play outside in the fresh air on the grass with the dogs. Swing. Get messy. 

As our little girl gets older she will most definitely help around the house like we did as children. It teaches responsibility. Packing toys away. Helping in the kitchen with dishes, cooking, doing laundry and chores. We sit down to breakfast, lunch and dinner when we can as a family but always together even if it’s outside in the good weather. Having a picnic when it’s hot. 

Have a read to see what the therapist has to say. I couldn’t agree more with everything she has to say. 

Parenting what are we doing to our children.