Never let anyone kiss your newborn! 

I’ve read of babies dying because someone who is the carrier of herpies, (they don’t even need to have a cold sore,) have kissed babies for which there is no cure and newborns have no immune system to fight it. 

Then a close friends little grandson almost lost his life to the same thing. It’s scary enough reading these articles and then hearing that it’s happen to a friends grandson. Really makes me glad my mom told me never to let anyone kiss our baby girl especially not on the lips. For which I am forever thankful and would far rather be informed and knowledgable than have regrets or have to go through things like this. It’s so sad and heartbreaking for the parents and family to have to see their babies suffer or even worse lose a life. 

You may have read this article or other articles but here’s the link to the full story from the mirror. Please share this so that others can be aware and informed and make their own decisions about things like this. 

Don’t let people kiss your baby By Bounty.