You can’t love too much: Attachement doesn’t slow growth, it fuels it. 

This was a great read about little ones and their attachments to us as mothers or parents.

This quote sums it up perfectly for me.

“Children can’t be too attached, they can only be not deeply attached. Attachment is meant to make our kids dependent on us so that we can lead them. It is our invitation for relationship that frees them to stop looking for love and to start focusing on growing.”

It was also a welcomed sigh of relief to know that despite what friends or family tell me, I know we have a healthy, happy little girl who is very much attached to me and rightly so. She has her moments when she just doesn’t want to go to daddy and only mommy will do. Secretly, I love that she’s a little mommies baby and so affectionate towards me, for now any way, it makes my heart melt with love for her. 

As much as we both laugh about it and think it’s cute and funny, I think people’s well meaning advice sometimes just causes unnecessary concern, that she maybe has too much of an attachement to me but at the end of the day I am her best friend and the only person she sees from the minute she wakes up, to the minute she goes to sleep and everyone else she see’s comes and goes. Daddy is obviously only home in the evenings after work and weekends which doesn’t give them much time together, so they have their own special little bond and relationship. 

It’s a great comfort knowing that our little Girl feels loved, safe and secure. It reassures me to know she’ll grow up to be a confident, happy little girl who knows she can count on me (us as a family) to be there for her and look after her and let her focus on growing up and learning. Being a child and enjoying life. 

You can’t love too much, Attachment doesn’t slow growth, it fuels it