Mom shares heartbreaking death of Son to educate others on car seat safety

Wow. This is so sad but also a really great eye opener on car seat safety. Something I’m glad I took the time to invest in because nothing means more to me than the safety of our daughters life. 

5 point car seats are the best. We bought a Britax R√∂mer Dualfix and it’s amazing and comfortable too.  So easy to keep clean as well. 

Mom shares heartbreaking death of son to educate others in car seat safety

When to take your baby to hospital?

So a friend who’s soon to be a daddy asked me how do you know when you should take your baby to hospital when they’re not well?

Being a first time mom, most of us naturally worry about our little ones well being. But knowing when to take your baby to hospital is trusting your instincts and knowledge of what warrants a trip down to A&E. 

For me it’s about being safe, rather than sorry but also knowing my child’s normal behaviour and what seems to be out of character. Why risk your child life?!

Wouldn’t you rather be told you can go home, that your child is fine and displaying normal symptoms of a child who is unwell? I know I would but not once have I been turned away on the two occasions I’ve made the choice to take our little girl to A&E. You know your child better than any one else, if you’re unsure never listen to anyone else who tells you oh that’s normal. You’re stressing over nothing, do they know your child better than you do? I’ve heard of stories where mothers have been turned away and their child has had a serious health issue. 

I’ve been told by friends who are medical professionals that a temperature over 38 in a child under the age of a year can result in serious life threatening health issues. This doesn’t make me want to run to A&E if and when our daughter gets sick. But a temperature that seemingly won’t come down that’s been above 39 can result in siesures, fits, convulsions etc all of which can cause trauma and injury to the brain. So why would you risk it when you know that you’ve been doing everything you know to help bring your child’s temperature down? 

Keeping them in a nappy and single layer of thin cotton clothing. Not putting them into an ice cold bath which will put their little bodies into shock or infront of a cold fan which could make their temperature get worse not better. Don’t cover them in layers of clothing or thick blankets. Give them cold liquids to sip on often to help bring their core temperature down. 

On both occasions our daughters temperature would not come down after 2/3 doses of medicine and doing the above. She was unsettled and crying constantly which to me is not normal. She’s not one to just cry and usually easily consoled and soothed. On neither occasion where we turned away but referred to paediatrics to monitor our little girl. She had a raised heart rate, was breathing heavier than usual, with mottled blotchy skin, cold hands and feet, unsettled and no obvious cause for a fever. 

I won’t lie it’s quite distressing having to console and see your child go through something like this when they are generally quite happy content and otherwise fit and healthy. 

Of course there are things you need to educate yourself on like childhood diseases and illnesses that warrant a trip to A&E no questions asked. For example a rash that doesn’t disappear when a glass is rolled over it or gentle pressure applied. Meningitis and septicaemia is a killer if not treated in time. Ive included a helpful link below for you. 

Meningitis Septicaemia Org
Always trust your instincts. Would you rather be safe than sorry. I know I would. 

Stokke Xplory Recommendation 

I think we all have our own person style and preference when it comes to things. When it comes to my little girl I want something that’s comfortable, excellent quality, and value for money, easy to clean, and something that’s going to grow with her. Which means I’m going to pay a little bit more for it but it will definitely be worth the spend.

I love Stokke they are so stylish and come in a variety of different colours and styles too. Making them perfect for everyone. I did shop around for ours to make sure I had found the best deal. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend their products.

When we purchased our Stokke Xplory pram I wanted something that was safe to use from Birth. That was socially interactive for baby and I. I see so many prams where baby is forward facing and has no social interaction with what’s going on around them. Stokke offered this option which I was super excited about. I could see my baby and talk to her as we walked around and could make sure that she was happy and also protected from the elements.

For the first 4/5 months she was in the carrycot which clips into the chassis. With a safety clip to stop baby from tilting forwards. Which has a nice hood which unzips to open up with a mesh piece for those hot sunny days. It also has a cover that goes over baby and goes up above just before baby’s head when zipped up for those windy days to prevent baby from having their wind knocked out of them and keeping them warm and cosy in winter with a super soft fleece liner to be inserted in winter.

Once baby is able to sit and starts exploring the world around her they can be seated in a comfortable bucket seat which tilts all the way back so baby can sleep comfortably with padded inserts which can be removed when baby grows.

Once baby reaches 8 months I took the baby inserts out she is really petite and added the little foot rest and the seat/foot muff for winter or cold days. Once baby reaches a year old you can turn the seat to face forwards if baby is happy to sit facing this way at which age I’m sure they are but can always be turned to face you if the weather is bad and you don’t want them in the direction of wind or rain. Both the carrycot and baby seat have raincovers to protect baby while out. As well as a misquito neat, bottle holder, umbrella, nappy bag, changing mat, coin purse and luggage bag that hooks onto the lower front of the pram.

To me this included everything I would need for baby from birth to 3/4 years old. As well as a few added extras which I’m sure would have cost me more if I had bought them all separately. There’s so much to love about this pram and all its accessories.

In the end I have a baby who is happy to sit or sleep in her pram and go for walks while I take the dogs out or get some shopping done.

Baby App I can’t live with out Baby Tracker

I love technology as much as the next person especially if it makes life a little bit easier, but I also try not to spend much time on my phone while my little one is awake unless I’m taking photos or logging information about our little girl. 

Which brings me to my favourites app which I started using about a month after our little girl was born. It’s called Baby Tracker and has been an absolute life saver. I’ve used this to log her sleeping patterns, so you’ll see a pattern or routine emerge which I use religiously to see when her next nap is and perfect as baby grows as their awake times and nap times change.  There is also the option to log nappy changes, wet, dirty, mixed & dry which comes in handy, if you think your little one isn’t well you’ll see less wet nappies or dirty nappies. 

There is an option to log breastfeeding times so the first and last breat you nursed from and how long they nursed for meaning you’ll know when their next feed will be. As well as being able to log bottle feeds and how much they had for both expressed milk, formula and later weaning. You can even keep track of how much milk you’ve expressed which builds an inventory for you of how much milk you’ve got in the freezer and when baby has a bottle of expressed milk it deducts the amount from your inventory total. 

You can log immunisations what and when they had them. Any medication you’ve given them and what time you have it to them so you can see exactly when you can administer the next lot when they’re unwell. 

It shows their age in weeks or months and you can even add a photo. I LOVE this app and couldn’t recommend it enough to all new moms. It’s helped daddy with things like when her next nappy change is. Obviously feeds and naps change as they grow but if I say to my other half she goes for a nap every 3 and a half hours from the time she wakes up, all he has to do is check the app to see when she is tired or due a bottle. 

It’s so simple and easy to use. You can get statistics after you’ve logged enough information to see how sleeping and eating patterns change. 

Try it. It’s free!!! Let me know what you think.