Baby classes and activities

Becoming a mother has inspired and motivated me to provide as much mental stimulation and opportunity for our little girl to grow and blossom into an I intelligent independent little person one day. Which means planning ahead and doing things with her like taking her to baby classes and spending time with other babies her age.

No matter how much previous experience you’ve had looking after newborns and toddlers, watching friends babies take their fist steps or saying their first words, its everything you do that leads up to them reaching these all important milestones which makes it so exciting.

So what activities do you do at home with your little ones? Or do you prefer to go to baby classes?

I think the first couple months at home were a bit of a shock to the system and took some getting used too, looking after another little person and broken sleep before finding your feet again and your own routines. Finding baby classes and things to do where at the top of my list of things to do. We’ve been to a few fun and exciting baby courses focused on baby development while they play and experience things they may not get to do at home, PEEP, baby massage, creation station(lots of messy play and new sensory activities), baby sensory, swimming and baby yoga which starts soon that I’m pretty excited about.

Other than visiting a friend once a week for a few hours between naps, or taking the dogs for a walk with baby in the pram. There are indoor soft play arenas, parks, the beach, animal farms, and many more but sometimes more so weekend activities to do as a family. So I started looking for things to do at home with out little girl to mentality stimulate her and help her develop the new skills she is learning about, as she goes through her mental leaps, which I’ve previously mentioned in my Wonder Weeks post. The Wonder Weeks Birth to 2nd Birthday

Have you tried any sensory activities at home with your little ones? We’re a big fan of edible finger painting. I use a plain, store brand name yogurt and mix food colouring and yogurt into different pots and put these on a big messy play mat which our little girl loves to play with and get super messy from head to toe. I’ve made rainbow coloured spaghetti for her to play with which she ended up snacking on, between playing with it but that was expected, as everything you give young babies to play with always end up in their mouth as they learn about their world around them. Which is why I always try to look for edible activities where I can, which are really cheap and easy to make. We’ve even made edible sand from blended crackers and play dough from marshmallows. All of which are fun and exciting when learning about textures, sounds and colours as well as working on their fine motor skills.

I’ve made her a sensory bottles using a plastic voss water bottles that I filled with multi coloured water beads and little plastic hearts. So when she shakes it she gets to enjoy all the pretty colours and different sounds.

Nothing beats playing with things around the house they can get their little hands on either, like the tuppawear cupboard when making lunch or washing bottles to be sterilised, which is full of different sized and shaped bowls, containers, silicone baking moulds, tins you get the idea. Which they can bang on to hear the different sounds or put smaller objects into bigger ones. Or silicone magnets at the bottom of your fridge to keep them entertained, perfecting those fine motor skills taking the magnets off and learning how to get them back on to the fridge.

I’ve included links to sensory activities and educational games to make learning fun and exciting on my Pintrest link in the main menu for you to find something exciting for your little ones to do. Have FUN.

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