The Willa Walker

We came across this on Facebook and I wish we had found this sooner. My partner made us one for our little girl and it’s amazing. 

It definitely helps with the back ache from which I’ve been suffering for 3 months now helping our little girl learn to walk. 

I will definitely be using this for our second child. They come in various different colours and even have your child’s name engraved on them. Absolutely beautiful. 

The Willa Walker


Bloom Fresco High Chair Recommendation

Bloom Fresco is another brand I come to love. They have so many stylish products for baby and your home. 

The bloom Fresco high chair is another great piece of furniture. 

Bloom Fresco Black Chrome Baby High Chair with yellow seat also has many various colour frames and seat inserts. It is also known as the world’s highest baby chair. It has a 3-position recline system, and easy up/down height adjustment to allow baby to join the family at the dining table or the modern breakfast bar; starting from birth, all the way to school age. 

In cradle mode your newborn is up and away from the ground, safe from pets & household dust; which means parents and baby are able to experience the all important eye-to-eye contact, so critical in the first months. Again another socially interactive baby furniture which I am all for. 


• 3 recline positions; fully lie-flat newborn cradle, semi recline & upright seat, easily activated using a light touch pull handle

• 360-degree swivel

• 5 point safety harness with padded shoulder straps & bloom smart buckle

• pneumatic up/down height adjustment allowing for tray heights up to 91cm/36in

• removable harness straps allow conversion to a play seat for kids up to 36kg/79lbs

• super-sized, scratch resistant & anti-slip adjustable feeding tray & second smaller play tray

• fresco chrome allows for both up-to-the table & traditional tray high chair positions

• removable click-in/click-out aluminum safety bar designed for use in all 3 recline positions

• removable sculpted booster seat for use with smaller infants

• removable aluminum footrest with 3 adjustable height positions

• easy to wipe clean nook and cranny free seat unit

• large, scratch free wheels concealed in base for easy movement

What’s not to love about this amazing high chair. 
Bloom Fresco High Chair Video

Boori Eton Convertable Cot/bed plus Recommendation

I love Boori, which are another stylish, modern and sturdy design that grows with baby from birth to 5 years (Cot to toddler bed) and beyond. My reason for chosing Boori’s Eton cotbed as I’ve mentioned in previous recommendations, is quality and value for money. Why spend hundreds on a cot, then a toddler bed and eventually a normal size bed. I wanted something stylish, solid and something that would grow with baby and last throughout childhood. 

We needed a cot that had 2 base heights that we could drop down as baby learnt to stand or pull themselves up. The fact that it has removable feet to allow the cot to be lowered further if required was an added bonus. 

It includes a toddler rail for transition from cot into a toddler bed with the same solid, sturdy rail guard to prevent your little one from rolling out the bed at night. Unlike some of these flimsy guards I’ve seen. 

Which changes again into a normal size double bed, which looks just amazing as the cot itself.  The best part about the Boori Eton Cot/bed is that it transforms into a beautiful bench you can keep in babies room to sit on and read stories, all snuggled up together and can make your room look nice and cosy. A book nook is what I have planned for our little girls room. 

Bloom Alma Mini Cot

I absolutely love this Bloom Alma Mini Cot and wish I had found this before I had my little girl. It’s all about style, mobility and storage. Made for urban living, which fits into every home, even granny’s flat. The base of the cot lowers to accommodate baby as they grow.  Which makes this the perfect first bed for your little one, who will be sharing your room for the first 6 to 12 months of their life. Making the Alma Mini Cot the perfect addition to any room. It can even be used when travelling to grandparents or friends, with the easy fold and storage design.

Which means there is no need for a campcot, which are usually a lot bulkier and sometimes so complicated trying to assemble and collapse, especially when space is limited, in my opinion this is another saving in the long run as you need a mattress for the campcot as well.

It can be easily moved from room to room with the wheeled legs design, again making it so much easier for mom or granny, who may need to do something in another room but still wants baby close by. It also comes with a neat travel bag for easy travel and storage when not in use.

How many of you had a Moses basket for baby which they quickly outgrew, then another crib or mini cot/crib for your room, as well as a campcot for travel? I know I did and even though I may have been lucky enough not to have to buy all of these, I still have to store them when not in use or baby has out grown them. In my opinion the Bloom Alma Mini Cot is perfect as it eliminates the need for a Moses Basket, Mini Crib and Campcot. It does everything, in one beautiful, solid wood and sturdy design and saves on having to store everything else.

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The transition between breastfeeding to a bottle, the struggles are real… 

Wow. Another thing no one tells you about when you start out on your breastfeeding journey. Which would never have changed my choice to breastfeed. Maybe because not all babies are so fussy or just prefer breast. The comfort, smell and warmth of being so close to mommy clearly triumphed the bottle. My goodness. I never realised that it would be such a struggle to get our little girl to take a bottle of expressed milk, so that daddy could enjoy some bonding time with his precious little girl.

No one said motherhood was easy but it most certainly is worth it. After we had established a good milk supply and breastfeeding, it was time to introduce baby to bottle. As much as I loved and enjoyed breastfeeding it’s nice to have a break and catch up on some sleep. Have a nice hot bath, wash your hair. Well the struggle was real. Our little girl took a bottle for about a whole two weeks twice a day. Once in the morning with granny and once in the evening with daddy. Then the teething or a mental leap began and that was the end of our bottle feeding twice a day. Which left me with the task of trying everything possible to get our precious little girl to take a bottle again.

I tried different times of the day, letting her nurse first and then offering the bottle but she wasn’t having any of it. I also read not to force the issue as this creates a negative association with the bottle. So if she played with the teat in her mouth for a while it was a small step forward in the right direction. I tried different bottles and teats, Dr Browns, Medela, Minbie to name but a few but if the flow wasn’t right she would end up choking on milk and when she eventually did take a bottle it didn’t last long. Leaving me back at square one. Luckily I received 2 of the above as gifts at my baby shower so only ended up having to buy one or two new bottles to try.

Eventually I just gave up and resigned to the fact that I would probably be breastfeeding until I went back to work. Until I spoke to my sister, who’s best friend said to try a variflow teat. A what? I said. I’d never heard of these before, which by the way only Tommie Tippee make! I have included a link to the Tommee Tippe variflow teat on amazon, the only teats she uses. I was so excited and couldn’t be happier to finally be able to enjoy a lie in and catch up on some sleep or not have to stop half way through drying my wet hair, to feed our little girl and enjoy the luxury of going out to get a mani/pedi again.

Breastfed babies have to work harder to get their milk so by using a variflow teat she was in control of the flow of milk. Bottle fed babies you usually increase the teat flow as they get older but this isn’t the same for a breastfed baby, which was news to me. I wish I had know this sooner after struggling for nearly 6 months to try and get our little girl to take a bottle giving me a little more freedom to do the things I needed. The last 2 months of my breastfeeding journey our little girl slowly started weaning her self off the breast and would take a bottle during the day and nurse only at night, which I’m assuming is a comfort thing. Meaning daddy could finally have some bonding time with his little girl and share the feeding early morning or just before bed giving me a much needed break at time.

To save yourself some time and money buying different bottles and teats I would recommend trying the Tommee Tippee  variflow teats first.

Did any of you ladies have any issues making the transition between breastfeeding and taking a bottle?

Baby Shower Gift List, from Birth to their 1st Birthday.

One of my best friends is finally going to be a daddy and I couldn’t be more excited for him. So when he asked me to compile a comprehensive list of everything baby will need in that all important 1st year,  I couldn’t be more excited to help. After all that’s what friends are for, right? This inspired me to create a comprehensive list of everything baby will need from birth right up to their first birthday, which guests can purchase from online which making it a lot easier to keep on top of and prevent getting 3 of the same items.  I love baby showers and all the planning and excitement that goes along with it.

While creating ‘my original’ baby shower Gift List,which I had saved, thanks to Amazon. I was able to use this as the basis of the gift list. I know creating these can take up precious time, so thought by sharing this with other expecting mothers and fathers to be & friends of expectant parents hosting a baby shower, may also find this useful if you don’t have a clue what to get.

I’ve created one long gift list to choose from, which  gives you the option of a Girl or Boy and have included Breastfeeding & Bottle fed baby products. As each will have their own slightly different requirements. I have provided a choice of quality baby products, as well as a more expensive product choice as each individuals preferences & finances will differ.

I have most of these products and prefer quality, well known, trusted brands that I love and use every day. All of which I am more than happy to recommend.  When I compiled my gift lift of things we needed for our baby shower, I was aware of so many different products on the market that you really don’t need and will never really use even if only for a short time.  So I looked for things that I would be able to make good use of without wasting money or precious space trying to store baby products we didn’t need and things we would be able to keep once we were done with them, for baby no.2. So you can be sure to expect the same with the Gift List I have created. I also received some really useful things that I would never have thought to get or add to my gift list which have come in extremely useful, so have included these for you as well.

It’s amazing how much stuff you need for one little person. I thought I might mention that we started out using Pampers micro nappies for our little girl as she was so petite and tiny that the nappies we did have for her were way too big, but as she out grew these we changed to Huggies, which you can only buy from Costco online or in store for £41 a box of 198 nappies. It’s a “huge saving” and the quality of nappies are amazing too. I haven’t had any nasty leaks or poop explosions as we called them. As opposed to Pampers nappies which just didn’t seem to contain these nasty little surprises.

I hope my Baby Shower Gift List from Birth to 1st Birthday is as useful as friends have found it to be.