About Me

I have always had a passion for writing, researching and a love for babies, and all things baby and children related. My goal is to try help other new moms by sharing my story and experience’s and hopefully inspire other like minded mothers on their journey into motherhood.

Since the birth of our first child, motherhood has been a blessing and a huge motivation, to find ways I can earn a living from home, so that I can watch our little girl grow up and spend as much time with her as I possibly can.  As well as focusing my time and energy on creating a healthy balanced lifestyle and activities to help our little daughter blossom and grow into a well balanced, young woman one day.

Which inspired me to finally start a blog, where I can put my love of writing to good use, and share my passion for baby products and useful information I’ve found from other blog’s, websites, books and app’s I’ve found on my journey into motherhood, and share them all in one place to make our lives just a little bit easier. I’ve created links to mood boards I’ve created on Pintrest that I use to create fun and exciting activities to do with our little girl, where I find my inspiration to make my time at home with out little girl, quality, educational as well as fun and exciting.

Hopefully these will be of some inspiration to you and your little ones too.

My aim is to share my personal recommendations on certain baby products, and the reason behind my choices, which have saved us money in the long run, I’ve always believed in quality products and baby furniture. I’ve also put together a comprehensive gift list of all the baby products I use and have come to love, which I recommend to all new moms and expectant parents. Things that baby really needs, that all important first year and beyond with out spending money on things that never get used.

As well as my personal breastfeeding journey, weaning and baby apps I use and could not live with out, books and other great blogs I follow or have found along my journey which have been such a great help. Pintrest is where I find my inspiration to create as much opportunity for our little girl to grow and mentally develop into a well balanced little girl. Then put all that information into one place to inspire and help other new moms, which I wish I could have found in one place.

Baring in mind I’m still finding my own way through this amazing journey we call motherhood, trying to balance my personal life, house work, my full time job as a new mother and all that it entails, as well as this new world of blogging.