Never let anyone kiss your newborn! 

I’ve read of babies dying because someone who is the carrier of herpies, (they don’t even need to have a cold sore,) have kissed babies for which there is no cure and newborns have no immune system to fight it. 

Then a close friends little grandson almost lost his life to the same thing. It’s scary enough reading these articles and then hearing that it’s happen to a friends grandson. Really makes me glad my mom told me never to let anyone kiss our baby girl especially not on the lips. For which I am forever thankful and would far rather be informed and knowledgable than have regrets or have to go through things like this. It’s so sad and heartbreaking for the parents and family to have to see their babies suffer or even worse lose a life. 

You may have read this article or other articles but here’s the link to the full story from the mirror. Please share this so that others can be aware and informed and make their own decisions about things like this. 

Don’t let people kiss your baby By Bounty. 


1st Birthday Photoshoot and Cake Smash

We spent a lovely day yesterday down in Essex with my dear friend and newborn photographer #NewbornphotographybyMichelle. 

The last year has been an amazing one filled with so many precious memories, milestones and learning curves. Life has never felt more fulfilling and full of love and happiness. 

Yesterday we spent the day creating and capturing some faery tale memories to add to the collection of our announcement, maternity, birth, 6 months and pre birthday photoshoot for our little girl. I can honestly say it was so much fun capturing all the different scenes. 

The inner child in me will always be there and even more so now that I have a little girl to get dressed up with to have fun and create special memories together. Special occasions will never be the same. Here’s a sneak peak at our photoshoot. 

Tired of Saying No

I love some of these simple yet effective reminders that pop up at just the right time. 

Our little girl is growing and changing so quickly in such a short space of time that I find myself thinking about the ways in which I can be a positive, gentle parent, yet still have the authority when I need it with out our little girl becoming hesitant of exploring or trying new things in fear of me disapproving. 

To make sure that I use the word No when it really matters. So that when I do use it she knows that I mean business. 

I’ve already created as much safe exploration free space in the house as possible and quite used to using distractions when necessary, as well other alternatives, instead of using the word No! 

An 11 month old mini me semi toddler who’s as dinky and as sassy as our daughter is sure giving me a run for my money. She’s gone from being super chilled, easy going and laid back to an energiser bunny that keeps me on my toes and head strong. 

Who ever would have thought dealing with all this would have me so close to losing my patience some days, where I need to take a step back have a few deep breaths, having a good laugh in my head because it would just be wrong an inappropriate to do it all the time. Especially when she’s having a meltdown or when I need to be taken seriously. Other times you just have to let it out and have a laugh but then she laughs with you and it just makes it all worth it. 

Tired of Saying No

The Willa Walker

We came across this on Facebook and I wish we had found this sooner. My partner made us one for our little girl and it’s amazing. 

It definitely helps with the back ache from which I’ve been suffering for 3 months now helping our little girl learn to walk. 

I will definitely be using this for our second child. They come in various different colours and even have your child’s name engraved on them. Absolutely beautiful. 

The Willa Walker