Don’t let me forget their littleness…

Reading this makes me feel grateful to be able to enjoy the first year of our little girls life at home with her and in the same breathe it makes me a little heart sore to know that she’s almost a year old which means I’ll be returning to work and missing out on the days while she is growing up giving me only a short time with her each evening between bathtime, dinner and bedtime. 

Making me wish I was able to be a full time stay at home mom with her like we had growing up. Enjoy them while they are little because they sure do grow quickly. Cherish the days and time you have with them because they won’t be this little forever. 

Already our little girl is becoming more independent with each passing day. Crawling and working on her walking skills. Always holding out her hand for me to help her. Those little arms that wrap around you so tightly holding on to you for as long as she can. The wet open mouthed kisses. The giggles and laughter. The sound of those little feet learning to walk. 

Our little girl is growing up. 

Don’t let me forget their littleness


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