Check your sunscreen labels! Do they provide the maximum UVA & UVB protection?

Check the labels on the back of your sunscreen to make sure you’re getting what you pay for! 

I was quite alarmed to find that the sunscreen I have been using which a family member recommended isn’t as great as what they thought it was! 

I will most definitely be changing to something much stronger. To protect our little ones skin in the sun. 

Check your label. The UVA is only good! Not 5* excellent. You’re paying silly amounts for something that promises protection that isn’t 5*! 

Put that sunscreen down


How to keep babies and young children cool in very hot weather

I found this article very helpful but 5 days too late! Some of which I had already done to keep our little girl and 2 dogs as well as myself cool in the heatwave we’ve just had in the UK. 

Besides being drained of energy and too hot to play outside for long periods of time in the sun. We made do with our sun tent up in the garden to shade the paddling pool which we all enjoyed playing and cooling off in. 

Ice lollies and anything cold and refreshing as well as lots of sunscreen and sun hats helped to keep cool in the hot weather. 

Keeping blinds closed and open only a quarter of the way to allow any breeze to circulate through and the sun out and a fan going to help circulate and cool breeze. 

Baby in just a nappy to sleep with just a sheet on the mattress. No waterproof covers which seem to make baby sweat. Bamboo sheets are amazing so sleep under if baby is too young to sleep with just a nappy. 

Frozen water bottles in front of the fan to cool the air in the room are all a great help. 

How to keep babies and young children cool in very hot weather

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there. Hope you have a wonderful day. 

This is my first Father’s Day as a family. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have chosen a better man and father to our beautiful little girl. She’s growing up so fast and turning out to be this super sweet affectionate, friendly and funny little girl. For almost 11 months old she seems so intelliengent and determined. She really makes my heart melt. Most of all she loves her daddy and he is one of a kind. 

With out him in my life to help me, support me, think of us, make us laugh. Life would be dull. I know he’ll be everything our little girl needs in life. He brings out the best in me and believes in me. 

I know it’s not Father’s Day everywhere in the world but I have a father in law here, which falls on the same day as South Africa and my dad in Australia. I have the same issue with Mother’s Day. Cracks me up. My parents have stopped saying it’s not the same day here. So now they just accept being wished twice a year. 

I’m grateful to my father who gave me everything I could have ever needed in life.  To him I will always be forever grateful. 

Dry Drowning! Read it! 

Wow! I’ve heard of this before but had forgotten about it. Definitely a MUST read. 

I always feel more confident in my choices and decisions when it comes to educating myself on useful relevant information about babies and children. Reading the relevant and useful things that will build a strong bond between my daughter and I and her health. well being & happiness. 

I’d say read this is you love swimming. 

Dry Drowning!!!

Don’t let me forget their littleness…

Reading this makes me feel grateful to be able to enjoy the first year of our little girls life at home with her and in the same breathe it makes me a little heart sore to know that she’s almost a year old which means I’ll be returning to work and missing out on the days while she is growing up giving me only a short time with her each evening between bathtime, dinner and bedtime. 

Making me wish I was able to be a full time stay at home mom with her like we had growing up. Enjoy them while they are little because they sure do grow quickly. Cherish the days and time you have with them because they won’t be this little forever. 

Already our little girl is becoming more independent with each passing day. Crawling and working on her walking skills. Always holding out her hand for me to help her. Those little arms that wrap around you so tightly holding on to you for as long as she can. The wet open mouthed kisses. The giggles and laughter. The sound of those little feet learning to walk. 

Our little girl is growing up. 

Don’t let me forget their littleness

Dear Dads…

I read this and sent it to my other half. Us moms are hardly ever in many photos. It seems we’re always the ones behind the lens snapping photos of our beautiful children and their daddies. 

We need to be in more photos with our little ones so that one day when we are no longer around they have memories of us. To look back on remember how much we loved them. 

I often sit at night singing and reading to our little girl and think. These are the moments we need to capture these are the memories we want to be able to look back on when they are all grown up. 

Please dad remember to snap those sweet moments when mommy is ticketing them. Reading or singing to them or giving them cuddles or laughing with them. These are the things we want to remember and look back on too. 

Dear Dads

10 Ways to Guard your Daughter against Toxic Relationships. 

Wow. This really hit home, in so many ways. This is really something I will strive to do from the bottom of my heart. As if life isn’t cruel and tough enough. I hope that other moms and dad out there teach their sons the same values. 

10 Ways to Guard your Daughter against Toxic Relationships

Lewis’s Legacy Little Lives Matter 

Wow a very interesting article I came across and something I have done myself with a muslin!

This particular mother lost her baby son and has committed to helping others. 

This article on baby safety while sleeping in a pram during summer or out in the sun is extremely important to remember!

Did you know that by placing a blanket or muslin over your babies pram while asleep in their pram increases the temperature inside raising the temperature to dangerous levels just like a car causing baby to overheat and possibly death!!! 

If you ever see someone doing the same in hot weather in summer warm them to save a little persons life. 

Lewis’s Legacy Little Lives Matter

Mom shares heartbreaking death of Son to educate others on car seat safety

Wow. This is so sad but also a really great eye opener on car seat safety. Something I’m glad I took the time to invest in because nothing means more to me than the safety of our daughters life. 

5 point car seats are the best. We bought a Britax Römer Dualfix and it’s amazing and comfortable too.  So easy to keep clean as well. 

Mom shares heartbreaking death of son to educate others in car seat safety