What if all I want is a mediocre Life

Such a lovely article that I can relate too in some ways. Although I love my life and live the life I love. I’m not crazy about a life that is constantly on the go and filled with endless things to do that I don’t get to enjoy the finer things in life, relax and take time to just do things as a family. The life I always wanted is a family life. Surrounded by close friends and family. A life I get to share and enjoy with my amazing partner and father to our beautiful baby girl. 

Like taking a year out of my career to spend with our daughter and watch her grow and care for her.  Just watching her in awe when she plays, sleeps and learns new things. Cheering her on. Taking pride in our home and caring for her and us as a family making a life filled with love and happiness. Playing with the dogs and taking them for walks. This is enough for me. Making the most of special occasions and making them special and something to remember. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy enjoy socialising with friends, eating out, taking pride in our home, reading, cooking, going on holidays to beautiful countries together. It just means that I’m happy to live the path I have chosen. The way I want too. With out the stress or worry of trying to keep up with the rat race and what everyone else thinks is socially acceptable. We do what makes us happy. 

Creating and achieving goals to strive for that are meaningful and exciting. I have lived an enjoyable and exciting life so far but my priorities have changed and I am happy living the life we have chosen. Are you? 

Mediocre Life

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