Cluster feeding 

Breastfeeding is such a learning curve and so full of surprises. No sooner have you settled into breastfeeding and just got the hang of things your little ones feeding patterns change. I know our little girl used to nurse every 2 hours, unlike some babies who nursed every 3/4 hours, so during a growth spurt she would nurse every hour, to increase my supply. Some nights she would cluster feed for periods of up to 3 hours some evenings. Which meant that as soon as she was bathed, my evening would be spent sat on the sofa from around 6 or 7pm until 9/10pm. 

I tried to make sure I was as best prepared as I could before I sat down. Comfy clothes, iPad and phone for reading & researching, texting, and a pint glass of water and all my favourite snacks. I had to make sure I stayed hydrated and kept my energy up by snacking. Breast feeding is exhausting when you’re nursing every 2 hours almost 24 hours a day and night until baby gets a bit older and more efficient at nursing, so to be sat for 3 hours at a time you definitely need a breastfeeding partner to keep you company and keep your glass full, believe it or not I used to drink about 8 pints some days if not more. It was like an unquenchable thirst. I used to love eating yogurt bars, biscuits, plain Greek yogurt and grapes and these amazing cinnamon sharing buns. Omg they are amazing. They talk about pregnancy cravings. Well I never had any of those but breastfeeding, oh my goodness. 

Cluster feeding is completely normal and not a sign of low milk supply. It’s just a new name for the old term of increasing your milk supply for periods of growth spurts.

The Time line of a breastfed baby was such a great read and full of useful information. I would definitely recommend giving this a read if you have time.  

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