Dad’s post supporting wife co-sleeping with baby & toddler

I’m so glad I saved this post I saw on Facebook by David Brinkley because I thought it was such a beautiful, honest, genuine point of view from a fathers perspective about co sleeping and how he stands by his wife’s choices as a mother. 

What gets me is, humans are the only mammals that have their babies who are completely dependant on their mothers, yet we are the only mammals that are so quick to follow what society dictate about what is right and what isn’t. We all go to bed at night wanting to cuddle up to the one we love, to keep warm and feel safe, loved and happy. We want to wake up next to someone we love and fall asleep next to them. So why do we insist that our babies sleep in a room all on their own who are completely dependant on us to survive, who need to feel loved, warmth secure and be touched, when did we become so cold! You are never going to please everyone so do what makes you feel happy and what works for your family. 

It’s amazing how the media are so critical of something so natural and so beautiful that we as mothers only get to share with our babies once in our lifetime. As David Brinkley so rightly put it. 

I do love the fact that Dr. James J. McKenna, a professor of anthropology and the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame,  supports co sleeping for all the right reasons. I couldn’t agree more with him. I’ve only co slept a few times when baby has cluster fed or not been well. That doesn’t mean that I don’t let a moment pass me by that I can snuggle up and sleep next to my little girl in the same bed right next to me for a snooze. Or on my chest on the sofa for that matter. Unfortunately our king size bed just isn’t big enough for 2 of us and well as our little girl and two small dogs. 

Dr. James J. McKenna on the other hand, says statistics and warnings from organizations like the AAP shouldn’t be used to scare parents.

“You have to go out of your way to make [co-sleeping] dangerous,” McKenna told CBS News. “No matter how many warnings or misrepresentations of inherent dangers moms and babies find themselves.”For the past 30 years, McKenna has been arguing on behalf of parents who choose to co-sleep. “Babies have always slept and always will sleep next to their mothers,” McKenna said.

McKenna said he especially supports the concept of “breastsleeping,” the combined act of bedsharing with breastfeeding.“It’s biology. When [a baby’s] touching, hearing and smelling the mother that’s making an enormous difference in body temperature, heart rate, hormonal levels… they’re all being regulated by that direct contact,” Mckenna explained. “Human infants are contact seekers on which their survival depends being as close to that mother as they possibly can.”

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