Stokke Xplory Recommendation 

I think we all have our own person style and preference when it comes to things. When it comes to my little girl I want something that’s comfortable, excellent quality, and value for money, easy to clean, and something that’s going to grow with her. Which means I’m going to pay a little bit more for it but it will definitely be worth the spend.

I love Stokke they are so stylish and come in a variety of different colours and styles too. Making them perfect for everyone. I did shop around for ours to make sure I had found the best deal. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend their products.

When we purchased our Stokke Xplory pram I wanted something that was safe to use from Birth. That was socially interactive for baby and I. I see so many prams where baby is forward facing and has no social interaction with what’s going on around them. Stokke offered this option which I was super excited about. I could see my baby and talk to her as we walked around and could make sure that she was happy and also protected from the elements.

For the first 4/5 months she was in the carrycot which clips into the chassis. With a safety clip to stop baby from tilting forwards. Which has a nice hood which unzips to open up with a mesh piece for those hot sunny days. It also has a cover that goes over baby and goes up above just before baby’s head when zipped up for those windy days to prevent baby from having their wind knocked out of them and keeping them warm and cosy in winter with a super soft fleece liner to be inserted in winter.

Once baby is able to sit and starts exploring the world around her they can be seated in a comfortable bucket seat which tilts all the way back so baby can sleep comfortably with padded inserts which can be removed when baby grows.

Once baby reaches 8 months I took the baby inserts out she is really petite and added the little foot rest and the seat/foot muff for winter or cold days. Once baby reaches a year old you can turn the seat to face forwards if baby is happy to sit facing this way at which age I’m sure they are but can always be turned to face you if the weather is bad and you don’t want them in the direction of wind or rain. Both the carrycot and baby seat have raincovers to protect baby while out. As well as a misquito neat, bottle holder, umbrella, nappy bag, changing mat, coin purse and luggage bag that hooks onto the lower front of the pram.

To me this included everything I would need for baby from birth to 3/4 years old. As well as a few added extras which I’m sure would have cost me more if I had bought them all separately. There’s so much to love about this pram and all its accessories.

In the end I have a baby who is happy to sit or sleep in her pram and go for walks while I take the dogs out or get some shopping done.

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