Bloom Alma Mini Cot

I absolutely love this Bloom Alma Mini Cot and wish I had found this before I had my little girl. It’s all about style, mobility and storage. Made for urban living, which fits into every home, even granny’s flat. The base of the cot lowers to accommodate baby as they grow.  Which makes this the perfect first bed for your little one, who will be sharing your room for the first 6 to 12 months of their life. Making the Alma Mini Cot the perfect addition to any room. It can even be used when travelling to grandparents or friends, with the easy fold and storage design.

Which means there is no need for a campcot, which are usually a lot bulkier and sometimes so complicated trying to assemble and collapse, especially when space is limited, in my opinion this is another saving in the long run as you need a mattress for the campcot as well.

It can be easily moved from room to room with the wheeled legs design, again making it so much easier for mom or granny, who may need to do something in another room but still wants baby close by. It also comes with a neat travel bag for easy travel and storage when not in use.

How many of you had a Moses basket for baby which they quickly outgrew, then another crib or mini cot/crib for your room, as well as a campcot for travel? I know I did and even though I may have been lucky enough not to have to buy all of these, I still have to store them when not in use or baby has out grown them. In my opinion the Bloom Alma Mini Cot is perfect as it eliminates the need for a Moses Basket, Mini Crib and Campcot. It does everything, in one beautiful, solid wood and sturdy design and saves on having to store everything else.

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