Baby App I can’t live with out Baby Tracker

I love technology as much as the next person especially if it makes life a little bit easier, but I also try not to spend much time on my phone while my little one is awake unless I’m taking photos or logging information about our little girl. 

Which brings me to my favourites app which I started using about a month after our little girl was born. It’s called Baby Tracker and has been an absolute life saver. I’ve used this to log her sleeping patterns, so you’ll see a pattern or routine emerge which I use religiously to see when her next nap is and perfect as baby grows as their awake times and nap times change.  There is also the option to log nappy changes, wet, dirty, mixed & dry which comes in handy, if you think your little one isn’t well you’ll see less wet nappies or dirty nappies. 

There is an option to log breastfeeding times so the first and last breat you nursed from and how long they nursed for meaning you’ll know when their next feed will be. As well as being able to log bottle feeds and how much they had for both expressed milk, formula and later weaning. You can even keep track of how much milk you’ve expressed which builds an inventory for you of how much milk you’ve got in the freezer and when baby has a bottle of expressed milk it deducts the amount from your inventory total. 

You can log immunisations what and when they had them. Any medication you’ve given them and what time you have it to them so you can see exactly when you can administer the next lot when they’re unwell. 

It shows their age in weeks or months and you can even add a photo. I LOVE this app and couldn’t recommend it enough to all new moms. It’s helped daddy with things like when her next nappy change is. Obviously feeds and naps change as they grow but if I say to my other half she goes for a nap every 3 and a half hours from the time she wakes up, all he has to do is check the app to see when she is tired or due a bottle. 

It’s so simple and easy to use. You can get statistics after you’ve logged enough information to see how sleeping and eating patterns change. 

Try it. It’s free!!! Let me know what you think. 

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