The funny side to weaning…

It may as well have been a piece of lemon, I think this has to be ​one of our all time favourite videos of our little girl trying out butternut for the first time.

Can you make out what she says? We’ve all had a good laugh watching this. Our little butternut girl, as her Auntie calls her. It’s safe to say that she now enjoys butternut as well as her food.

We thought she would have a similar reaction to lemon when she was old enough to try it, which I made daddy patiently wait 8 months before he got to give her a piece of lemon but nothing came close to these facial expressions.

Have you had any similar reactions to food your little one has tried for the first time?

I received the Annabel Karmel Top 100 Puree’s for my baby shower which I have used for all her dinners. I don’t think there is anything she has not enjoyed.

Who have you used for your babies dinners?
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