The Wonder Weeks Birth to 2nd Birthday

Here’s an amazing little book and app I found, called  The Wonder Weeks and use this every time our little girl starts a mental leap, which gives you great insight into what your little one is learning about mentally and ways in which we can help them master these new skills, by creating the right opportunities for them to learn. The App can be set up to send you a notifications when your little one is about to enter a new leap and how it effects them mentally and emotionally, as well as what to expect and how it will effect you. The 3 C’s as they refer too, the crying, cranky and clingy phases that start at the beginning of a leap and continue for as long as the leap or as short as a week, depending on your little one seem to become more challenging as they get older. I highly recommend this book and app to help understand what your little one is going through and how you can help them. It’s been a great help when our little girl who is generally a very content, happy little girl, turns into a very clingy, cranky little girl and seems to cry more that she would in general, which is few far and in between. It’s helped me to remain calm and remember that it will pass and that we also went through all this as a baby.

The Wonder Weeks
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