Nursing in public

I thought I would share some handy little tips for breastfeeding around friends and family or out in public that really helped me. 

It’s amazing how one simple thing can feel so overwhelming and stressful when you have a hungry crying baby while you’re out and need to find a place you can sit and feed with out feeling exposed or making others around you feel awkward or uncomfortable. 

This is something I seriously struggled with in the beginning and as our little girl started getting older for various reasons. At first it was about finding a way to feed her and still be able to see what I was doing and making sure she was comfortable. My goodness. The struggle was real and infuriating when I had to think about making sure I was covered up and still try and get my precious little bundle of joy latched on so she could nurse. I just couldn’t get the hang of using a nursing shawl. I was just too much for me. Thankfully I had my mom or MIL or partner with me to ask for help making sure I wasn’t exposed so I could concentrate on my daughter. 

A friend of mine who I previously mentioned, the breastfeeding consultant, with loads of experience suggested wearing two tops when going out to make nursing easier and more comfortable. Which in turn meant I was less stressed and baby wasn’t picking up on my energy making it more stressful. Babies pull off the breast and as they get older and become distracted to look around leaving you exposed. So when my friend suggest wearing two tops it was a breathe of fresh air. A sigh of relief. Why hadn’t I thought of this before! Or read this somewhere!

So what I used to do was wear a spagetti strap top under a tank top. Or a tank top under another top, so that when it was time to nurse all I had to do was unclip my nursing bra and pull down the side of the top I was nursing from just enough for baby to nurse. Which meant any exposed skin on my chest was covered as well as my belly. Meaning I felt more comfortable feeding in public and more able to concentrate on making sure my little girl was properly latched on and able to feed comfortably. 

As she got older I would tuck a muzzi, as I call it, (another word for muslin), just under the strap of my tank top in case I needed to cover up if she got distracted for any reason. 

This also saves you money in the long run and gives you freedom to still dress in way you usually would. Dresses unfortunately didn’t make it out the wardrobe for months, until our little girl eventually decided to take a bottle when we were out. 

I hope you found this as helpful as I did. 

Below a photo I found online for you two see what I’m talking about. 

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