Bloom Fresco High Chair Recommendation

Bloom Fresco is another brand I come to love. They have so many stylish products for baby and your home. 

The bloom Fresco high chair is another great piece of furniture. 

Bloom Fresco Black Chrome Baby High Chair with yellow seat also has many various colour frames and seat inserts. It is also known as the world’s highest baby chair. It has a 3-position recline system, and easy up/down height adjustment to allow baby to join the family at the dining table or the modern breakfast bar; starting from birth, all the way to school age. 

In cradle mode your newborn is up and away from the ground, safe from pets & household dust; which means parents and baby are able to experience the all important eye-to-eye contact, so critical in the first months. Again another socially interactive baby furniture which I am all for. 


• 3 recline positions; fully lie-flat newborn cradle, semi recline & upright seat, easily activated using a light touch pull handle

• 360-degree swivel

• 5 point safety harness with padded shoulder straps & bloom smart buckle

• pneumatic up/down height adjustment allowing for tray heights up to 91cm/36in

• removable harness straps allow conversion to a play seat for kids up to 36kg/79lbs

• super-sized, scratch resistant & anti-slip adjustable feeding tray & second smaller play tray

• fresco chrome allows for both up-to-the table & traditional tray high chair positions

• removable click-in/click-out aluminum safety bar designed for use in all 3 recline positions

• removable sculpted booster seat for use with smaller infants

• removable aluminum footrest with 3 adjustable height positions

• easy to wipe clean nook and cranny free seat unit

• large, scratch free wheels concealed in base for easy movement

What’s not to love about this amazing high chair. 
Bloom Fresco High Chair Video


Boori Eton Convertable Cot/bed plus Recommendation

I love Boori, which are another stylish, modern and sturdy design that grows with baby from birth to 5 years (Cot to toddler bed) and beyond. My reason for chosing Boori’s Eton cotbed as I’ve mentioned in previous recommendations, is quality and value for money. Why spend hundreds on a cot, then a toddler bed and eventually a normal size bed. I wanted something stylish, solid and something that would grow with baby and last throughout childhood. 

We needed a cot that had 2 base heights that we could drop down as baby learnt to stand or pull themselves up. The fact that it has removable feet to allow the cot to be lowered further if required was an added bonus. 

It includes a toddler rail for transition from cot into a toddler bed with the same solid, sturdy rail guard to prevent your little one from rolling out the bed at night. Unlike some of these flimsy guards I’ve seen. 

Which changes again into a normal size double bed, which looks just amazing as the cot itself.  The best part about the Boori Eton Cot/bed is that it transforms into a beautiful bench you can keep in babies room to sit on and read stories, all snuggled up together and can make your room look nice and cosy. A book nook is what I have planned for our little girls room. 

Dad’s post supporting wife co-sleeping with baby & toddler

I’m so glad I saved this post I saw on Facebook by David Brinkley because I thought it was such a beautiful, honest, genuine point of view from a fathers perspective about co sleeping and how he stands by his wife’s choices as a mother. 

What gets me is, humans are the only mammals that have their babies who are completely dependant on their mothers, yet we are the only mammals that are so quick to follow what society dictate about what is right and what isn’t. We all go to bed at night wanting to cuddle up to the one we love, to keep warm and feel safe, loved and happy. We want to wake up next to someone we love and fall asleep next to them. So why do we insist that our babies sleep in a room all on their own who are completely dependant on us to survive, who need to feel loved, warmth secure and be touched, when did we become so cold! You are never going to please everyone so do what makes you feel happy and what works for your family. 

It’s amazing how the media are so critical of something so natural and so beautiful that we as mothers only get to share with our babies once in our lifetime. As David Brinkley so rightly put it. 

I do love the fact that Dr. James J. McKenna, a professor of anthropology and the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame,  supports co sleeping for all the right reasons. I couldn’t agree more with him. I’ve only co slept a few times when baby has cluster fed or not been well. That doesn’t mean that I don’t let a moment pass me by that I can snuggle up and sleep next to my little girl in the same bed right next to me for a snooze. Or on my chest on the sofa for that matter. Unfortunately our king size bed just isn’t big enough for 2 of us and well as our little girl and two small dogs. 

Dr. James J. McKenna on the other hand, says statistics and warnings from organizations like the AAP shouldn’t be used to scare parents.

“You have to go out of your way to make [co-sleeping] dangerous,” McKenna told CBS News. “No matter how many warnings or misrepresentations of inherent dangers moms and babies find themselves.”For the past 30 years, McKenna has been arguing on behalf of parents who choose to co-sleep. “Babies have always slept and always will sleep next to their mothers,” McKenna said.

McKenna said he especially supports the concept of “breastsleeping,” the combined act of bedsharing with breastfeeding.“It’s biology. When [a baby’s] touching, hearing and smelling the mother that’s making an enormous difference in body temperature, heart rate, hormonal levels… they’re all being regulated by that direct contact,” Mckenna explained. “Human infants are contact seekers on which their survival depends being as close to that mother as they possibly can.”

Slow down… 

I listened to this song again tonight, it’s the second time I’ve heard it and it brought me to tears listening to the words, my little baby girl is growing up into a beautiful little girl. She’s only 9 months old today but I could relate to every word in this mothers song. I already feel this way when I watch our little girl. Our children are so precious, so love them and cherish them for each day is a blessing that we get to keep them in our lives. Because soon they will be all grown up. The days are long but the years go by too quick.

What a beautiful 1st Birthday gift

I saw this video before we had our daughter and it’s come up again and think this is probably one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to our little ones. Something they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Instead of toys which you probably already have plenty of. Why not get your loved ones and friends to write a letter or email and include a photo of themselves with it to give your little one on their first birthday.

Then save them all in a special box to be opened on their 18th birthday along with the password to an email account where family have sent emails over the years on special occasions or milestones. I couldn’t think of anything more special.

Stokke Xplory Recommendation 

I think we all have our own person style and preference when it comes to things. When it comes to my little girl I want something that’s comfortable, excellent quality, and value for money, easy to clean, and something that’s going to grow with her. Which means I’m going to pay a little bit more for it but it will definitely be worth the spend.

I love Stokke they are so stylish and come in a variety of different colours and styles too. Making them perfect for everyone. I did shop around for ours to make sure I had found the best deal. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend their products.

When we purchased our Stokke Xplory pram I wanted something that was safe to use from Birth. That was socially interactive for baby and I. I see so many prams where baby is forward facing and has no social interaction with what’s going on around them. Stokke offered this option which I was super excited about. I could see my baby and talk to her as we walked around and could make sure that she was happy and also protected from the elements.

For the first 4/5 months she was in the carrycot which clips into the chassis. With a safety clip to stop baby from tilting forwards. Which has a nice hood which unzips to open up with a mesh piece for those hot sunny days. It also has a cover that goes over baby and goes up above just before baby’s head when zipped up for those windy days to prevent baby from having their wind knocked out of them and keeping them warm and cosy in winter with a super soft fleece liner to be inserted in winter.

Once baby is able to sit and starts exploring the world around her they can be seated in a comfortable bucket seat which tilts all the way back so baby can sleep comfortably with padded inserts which can be removed when baby grows.

Once baby reaches 8 months I took the baby inserts out she is really petite and added the little foot rest and the seat/foot muff for winter or cold days. Once baby reaches a year old you can turn the seat to face forwards if baby is happy to sit facing this way at which age I’m sure they are but can always be turned to face you if the weather is bad and you don’t want them in the direction of wind or rain. Both the carrycot and baby seat have raincovers to protect baby while out. As well as a misquito neat, bottle holder, umbrella, nappy bag, changing mat, coin purse and luggage bag that hooks onto the lower front of the pram.

To me this included everything I would need for baby from birth to 3/4 years old. As well as a few added extras which I’m sure would have cost me more if I had bought them all separately. There’s so much to love about this pram and all its accessories.

In the end I have a baby who is happy to sit or sleep in her pram and go for walks while I take the dogs out or get some shopping done.

Bloom Alma Mini Cot

I absolutely love this Bloom Alma Mini Cot and wish I had found this before I had my little girl. It’s all about style, mobility and storage. Made for urban living, which fits into every home, even granny’s flat. The base of the cot lowers to accommodate baby as they grow.  Which makes this the perfect first bed for your little one, who will be sharing your room for the first 6 to 12 months of their life. Making the Alma Mini Cot the perfect addition to any room. It can even be used when travelling to grandparents or friends, with the easy fold and storage design.

Which means there is no need for a campcot, which are usually a lot bulkier and sometimes so complicated trying to assemble and collapse, especially when space is limited, in my opinion this is another saving in the long run as you need a mattress for the campcot as well.

It can be easily moved from room to room with the wheeled legs design, again making it so much easier for mom or granny, who may need to do something in another room but still wants baby close by. It also comes with a neat travel bag for easy travel and storage when not in use.

How many of you had a Moses basket for baby which they quickly outgrew, then another crib or mini cot/crib for your room, as well as a campcot for travel? I know I did and even though I may have been lucky enough not to have to buy all of these, I still have to store them when not in use or baby has out grown them. In my opinion the Bloom Alma Mini Cot is perfect as it eliminates the need for a Moses Basket, Mini Crib and Campcot. It does everything, in one beautiful, solid wood and sturdy design and saves on having to store everything else.

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Baby App I can’t live with out Baby Tracker

I love technology as much as the next person especially if it makes life a little bit easier, but I also try not to spend much time on my phone while my little one is awake unless I’m taking photos or logging information about our little girl. 

Which brings me to my favourites app which I started using about a month after our little girl was born. It’s called Baby Tracker and has been an absolute life saver. I’ve used this to log her sleeping patterns, so you’ll see a pattern or routine emerge which I use religiously to see when her next nap is and perfect as baby grows as their awake times and nap times change.  There is also the option to log nappy changes, wet, dirty, mixed & dry which comes in handy, if you think your little one isn’t well you’ll see less wet nappies or dirty nappies. 

There is an option to log breastfeeding times so the first and last breat you nursed from and how long they nursed for meaning you’ll know when their next feed will be. As well as being able to log bottle feeds and how much they had for both expressed milk, formula and later weaning. You can even keep track of how much milk you’ve expressed which builds an inventory for you of how much milk you’ve got in the freezer and when baby has a bottle of expressed milk it deducts the amount from your inventory total. 

You can log immunisations what and when they had them. Any medication you’ve given them and what time you have it to them so you can see exactly when you can administer the next lot when they’re unwell. 

It shows their age in weeks or months and you can even add a photo. I LOVE this app and couldn’t recommend it enough to all new moms. It’s helped daddy with things like when her next nappy change is. Obviously feeds and naps change as they grow but if I say to my other half she goes for a nap every 3 and a half hours from the time she wakes up, all he has to do is check the app to see when she is tired or due a bottle. 

It’s so simple and easy to use. You can get statistics after you’ve logged enough information to see how sleeping and eating patterns change. 

Try it. It’s free!!! Let me know what you think. 

Baby classes and activities

Becoming a mother has inspired and motivated me to provide as much mental stimulation and opportunity for our little girl to grow and blossom into an I intelligent independent little person one day. Which means planning ahead and doing things with her like taking her to baby classes and spending time with other babies her age.

No matter how much previous experience you’ve had looking after newborns and toddlers, watching friends babies take their fist steps or saying their first words, its everything you do that leads up to them reaching these all important milestones which makes it so exciting.

So what activities do you do at home with your little ones? Or do you prefer to go to baby classes?

I think the first couple months at home were a bit of a shock to the system and took some getting used too, looking after another little person and broken sleep before finding your feet again and your own routines. Finding baby classes and things to do where at the top of my list of things to do. We’ve been to a few fun and exciting baby courses focused on baby development while they play and experience things they may not get to do at home, PEEP, baby massage, creation station(lots of messy play and new sensory activities), baby sensory, swimming and baby yoga which starts soon that I’m pretty excited about.

Other than visiting a friend once a week for a few hours between naps, or taking the dogs for a walk with baby in the pram. There are indoor soft play arenas, parks, the beach, animal farms, and many more but sometimes more so weekend activities to do as a family. So I started looking for things to do at home with out little girl to mentality stimulate her and help her develop the new skills she is learning about, as she goes through her mental leaps, which I’ve previously mentioned in my Wonder Weeks post. The Wonder Weeks Birth to 2nd Birthday

Have you tried any sensory activities at home with your little ones? We’re a big fan of edible finger painting. I use a plain, store brand name yogurt and mix food colouring and yogurt into different pots and put these on a big messy play mat which our little girl loves to play with and get super messy from head to toe. I’ve made rainbow coloured spaghetti for her to play with which she ended up snacking on, between playing with it but that was expected, as everything you give young babies to play with always end up in their mouth as they learn about their world around them. Which is why I always try to look for edible activities where I can, which are really cheap and easy to make. We’ve even made edible sand from blended crackers and play dough from marshmallows. All of which are fun and exciting when learning about textures, sounds and colours as well as working on their fine motor skills.

I’ve made her a sensory bottles using a plastic voss water bottles that I filled with multi coloured water beads and little plastic hearts. So when she shakes it she gets to enjoy all the pretty colours and different sounds.

Nothing beats playing with things around the house they can get their little hands on either, like the tuppawear cupboard when making lunch or washing bottles to be sterilised, which is full of different sized and shaped bowls, containers, silicone baking moulds, tins you get the idea. Which they can bang on to hear the different sounds or put smaller objects into bigger ones. Or silicone magnets at the bottom of your fridge to keep them entertained, perfecting those fine motor skills taking the magnets off and learning how to get them back on to the fridge.

I’ve included links to sensory activities and educational games to make learning fun and exciting on my Pintrest link in the main menu for you to find something exciting for your little ones to do. Have FUN.

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The funny side to weaning…

It may as well have been a piece of lemon, I think this has to be ​one of our all time favourite videos of our little girl trying out butternut for the first time.

Can you make out what she says? We’ve all had a good laugh watching this. Our little butternut girl, as her Auntie calls her. It’s safe to say that she now enjoys butternut as well as her food.

We thought she would have a similar reaction to lemon when she was old enough to try it, which I made daddy patiently wait 8 months before he got to give her a piece of lemon but nothing came close to these facial expressions.

Have you had any similar reactions to food your little one has tried for the first time?

I received the Annabel Karmel Top 100 Puree’s for my baby shower which I have used for all her dinners. I don’t think there is anything she has not enjoyed.

Who have you used for your babies dinners?
This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission.